AppleFest Royalty Application/Nomination

Deadline for Application Submission is August 4, 2023

All those applying or nominated for royalty MUST attend all of AppleFest. A list of times of
events will be provided to those that are crowned. Winners MUST participate in the AppleFest Parade
on Saturday, September 09th at 11:00 a.m. Royalty will oversee contests, judge events, pass out
ribbons, and greet AppleFest visitors during the three-day event. If royalty nominee/applicant is
unable to participate in all events, please do not nominate/apply.

Royalty will be chosen based on a short essay or written nomination on why they should be selected
which needs attached or written on the back of this form. Each nominee will be judged on essay and
then the top three contestants for each Royalty Class will be asked to attend the Royalty Contest
which will take place on Monday, August 14 in the National Trail Cafeteria at 7:30 PM during the
back to school open house. Finalist nominees will be notified if they will appear on stage. During
the contest each nominee will be asked 3 questions by a panel of judges who will ultimately select

All those that apply and attend the royalty contest will be given one free ride ticket to be used
at the festival. In addition those contestants that win will receive an AppleFest sash and $20 in
“Apple Bucks” redeemable for festival food. Mr. and Mrs. will receive a crown & tiara and $20 in
“Apple Bucks”. Royalty will also carry their title until August 1, 2024.

Fill out the form below to register, or click here to send your registration in by mail.

AppleFest Royalty Application/Nomination

Royalty Classes(Required)
Royalty will be chosen based on the essay or written nomination below.