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Jefferson Township

Jefferson Township is in the northwest corner of Preble County, extending south six miles and east six miles. It was given its name by admirers of Thomas Jefferson, whose second term was expiring.  

The first settlements were made about 1806 by the Flemings, Irelands, Purviances, Morrisons and Mitchells, who emigrated from Kentucky and Tennessee. Earliest Records known reveal that in 1829, township trustees were James Jackson, James Graham and John Campbell.  

The surface of this township reveals the boldest landscape in Preble County, with many hills skirted by glens and valleys containing numerous streams and the east fork of the Whitewater River. The only sizable area of lowland is the southeastern portion, which is excellent agricultural land. Jefferson Township covers 22,005 acres.     

The center chosen for business was a valley surrounded by hills on three sides. It was named New Paris. While situated next to RICHMOND, INDIANA, other major cities such as DAYTON, COLUMBUS and CINCINNATI, OHIO and INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA, containing large airports, are a short drive from NEW PARIS. The New Paris area relies upon and welcomes business and residential growth for the success of its future.

To request more information, please mail requests to the New Paris Area Chamber of Commerce, P.O BOX 101, New Paris, Oh 45347. Source: Preble County History Book 1992 Jefferson Township Building 201 Cedar Springs Road New Paris, Ohio, 45346 937-437-0213




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